Agent Portal

Our agent portal has been developed in partnership with our travel agent, concierge and shorex manager community to deliver an industry leading solution.


  • Our agent portal is fully customisable for your business function or brand

  • Communicate with your individual agents directly from within the portal to ensure the correct message and tone is adopted

  • Our reporting functionality allows you to use booking data to manage your teams effectively

  • Flexibility to create downstream sub-agents, controlling credit limits accordingly


White Label Websites

We promote your brand, not ours. It is important for the customer to build a brand loyalty when booking experiences, and yours is the brand they trust. 


We provide all white label websites and widgets without the Attraction world brand present:


  • Booking widgets can be placed on your website so you deal just with the content

  • White labels are 100% configured to meet your brand requirements

  • You can produce multiple white labels should you have multiple brands

  • Both widgets and white labels can be produced in a short amount of time to ensure you are ready to go live

white label
product page

Implemented booking widget

·    The only real bespoke travel website

·    Independent organization

·    Partner with a leading technology provider

·    Ability to contract and load partner products


Point of Sale


Engage your customer with a whole range of POS systems, ideal for cashiers, mobile ticketing, in destination, and self service kiosks. 


  • Allows you to upsell experiences to your customers 24/7. 

  • Works in both an online and offline environment

  • Ideal for hotel receptions, train stations, airports, and resort facilities when your local representative isn’t present

  • Ability to link POS device to your customers unique QR code allowing payment through hotel checkout


The right products are the foundation of a successful marketplace

We have integrated with the leading channel managers and reservation systems to provide real time availability for attractions and experiences across the UK.


What is our
business focus?

We facilitate suppliers across all types of attractions, tours and activities.

Create a unique portfolio
and build customised

Digitalising the full diversity of experience supply increases the appeal to a broader range of travellers. A rich diversity will make your marketplace attractive for all possible customers because you can always match supply to demand from global source markets and traveller segments.


Our unique strength

Partners can sell their products within one platform to anyone, anywhere. We’re reducing the barriers to make commerce more accessible for everyone.

Whether you are selling online, in retail stores, on the go or distribute your products via resellers, in-destination
sales channels and tour operators. With Attraction World you can create, sell and distribute your products.